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You’ve got to love smaller churches

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

You’ve got to love smaller churches; God made so many of them! Most of the world of believers attends small churches.  Smaller churches are where more spiritual accountability, more hand-on serving-one-another, more personal spiritual growth happens.  You can’t be just a spectator in a smaller church.  You can get lost in an ocean; you can’t get lost in a fishbowl.  That’s not a bad thing!

With regard to missions:  Smaller churches give more personal involvement, more spiritual, relational, and material capital per capita than larger churches.

Then they become missions-passionate bigger churches.  It’s easier to turn a schooner than a battleship, which is easier to turn than mega-aircraft carrier.  Churches than develop a strong foundation of biblical understanding, strategic vision, and involvement commitment when they are small tend to continue with those distinctives as they grow.  Larger or mega-churches take similarly larger or mega-effort to effect a significant change in their ethos or values culture, i.e. becoming more missions-effective and focused.

It’s not too much to say that smaller churches produce more missionaries.  Given the choice between a missionary candidate coming from a more urban, affluent, professional-filled mega-church and a missionary candidate coming from a rural to semi-rural, mostly blue-collar or agriculture-based community smaller church, I’d take the smaller church candidate every time.  Why?  Their people typically know how to make do; they are more creative and ingenious; they know how to make things work with whatever resources are available; they even own and know how to use actual tools!; they don’t have high expectations; they don’t feel “entitled” to comfort, personal “rights,” even privacy, certainly not technology & fun “stuff.”  They are typically more humble in mindset and heart attitudes.

You’ve got to love smaller churches!

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