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What drives Propempo?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

These musings represent a lot of thought and prayer into the characteristics that, taken together, make Propempo unique.  These thoughts convey a mix of biblical principles, practical local church leadership and mobilization, along with ideals for field ministry which are oft touted and rarely followed.  The question for you, dear reader, is:  What would you add?, How would your express it?, What do you not understand that needs clarification?.

What are Propempo’s distinctive themes?: 1. strategic vs. shotgun 2. proactive vs. reactive 3. mobilizing World Christians vs. compartmentalizing to a few activists 4. ends-driven to church planting vs means-driven by methodology trends 5. Gospel proclamation vs. “presence” evangelism 6. Gospel priority vs. material/circumstantial needs priority 7. grassroots indigeneity vs. paternalistic dependence

Musings on core beliefs of Propempo: 1. Doctrine matters 2. Jesus, through the Gospel, is the only solution for the most profound need of the world. 3. Every church is unique. 4. Church planting is the top priority in God’s plan for missions. 5. Every church has role in the Great Commission. 6. Effectiveness and longevity on the field is proportionate to quality preparation and support. 7. The church most eager for strategic focus also has the most likelihood of positive change and growth. 8. The sending church is the key to development and deployment of quality missionaries.

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