We are not all missionaries

Updated: May 11, 2020

John Piper is making a point from Romans 15:18-24.  There is a distinction between evangelism and missions; and there is also a distinction between Timothy type missionaries and Paul type missionaries (Pioneer or Frontier missionaries – that see their task/calling/gifting as going “where Christ is not already named” (v. 20) and “having no further place for me in these regions” (v. 23).  Why do we think when Paul left Timothy in charge of the church of Ephesus, he said, “Do the work of an evangelist” ? ( 2 Timothy 4:5)  Because there is always evangelism to be done in an area that is “reached”, but there are still “unreached” and “unengaged areas” and people groups out there that need the gospel.

If you are a pastor or one of the elders or leaders of your local church, are you willing to preach on, pray for, plan for this aspect of the Great Commission and work toward a strategy of raising up Pioneer or Frontier missionaries to go in people groups that are unengaged or unreached?  Propempo can help you strategize with your mission leaders and elders to work toward that vision and making it a reality.

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