Two Critical Reviews of a book that advocates the Insider Movement approach to Islam

Updated: May 11, 2020

These two articles are critical of the Insider Movement (or C-5 level of contextualization) and I agree with these reviews that the Insider Movement and C-5 level of Contextualization is wrong, unBiblical, and deceptive.

These are two very good reviews of a book on the Insider Movement approach to evangelism and church planting among Muslims in their own culture and countries.  I agree with their analysis of the Insider’s Movement.

1.  Book Review of Understanding Insider Movements at Biblical Missiology. (Fred Farokh – he is a former Muslim from Iran.)

Book Review: “Understanding Insider Movements: Disciples of Jesus Within Diverse Religious Communities”

2.  Book Review of Understanding Insider Movements at The Gospel Coalitiion. (Ayman S. Ibrahim – I think he is a former Muslim also.)

See my earlier article –  “An Introduction to the Contextualization Controversy”