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Three Good Books on Gospel Outreach to Muslims

Updated: May 11, 2020

For a previous blog article I wrote on recommended books on Understanding Islam and gospel outreach to Muslims, see here.  These three are newer books that I have encountered since I wrote the last article.

The Gospel for Muslims, by Thabiti Anyabwile

Engaging Islam by Georges Houssney


The word “Chrislam” has three meanings.  One is a cult in Africa that has really fused Christianity and Islam together and is very syncretistic.  This book is not about that.  Another meaning of Chrislam is mainline liberal protestant churches who don’t believe in the Bible as God’s word and are emphasizing political correctness and read in their liberal church services passages from both the Bible and the Qur’an, all in the name of tolerance and peace.  This book is not about that.

This book about “Chrislam” is about an Evangelical trend in missions that has good motives to reach Muslims, but has compromised on sound doctrine, sound theology, a Biblical practice of outreach and the proper Biblical understanding of the NT church, and employs methods that are deceptive to Muslims.  As one former Muslim said, This is “. . . a strange mixture of evangelical zeal, American pragmatism, and post-modern hermeneutics.” (p. 275)

Number 3 is a book with contributions by many different missions professors and missionaries who have field experience and are analyzing and critiquing the whole “insider’s Movement” or otherwise known as “C-5” level of contextualization or “the Common Ground” teachings.  The authors help clarify a lot of confusion within Evangelical missions circles today, that although the missionaries who promote those things have good motives for wanting to see Muslims turn to Christ, they have compromised on Biblical doctrine and Biblical practice, and their methods are perceived as deceptive by Muslims.

Chrislam, edited by Joshua Lingel, Jeff Morton, and Bill Nikides

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