The Prayer of a True Believer – دعای یک ایماندار واقعی

Updated: May 11, 2020

ای خداوند طریق خود را به من بیاموز


در راستی تو شالک شوم

دل مرا واحد ساز


از نام تو ترسان باشم

مزامیر ۱۱:۸۶

(Above = Psalm 86:11 in Farsi, or Persian, the language of Iran, parts of Afghanistan)  I preached this in Farsi to a group of about 30 Iranians in early September, 2012)

Psalm 86:11 “O Lord, teach me Your way in order that I may walk in Your truth; make my heart one in order that I may fear Your name.”

– the prayer of a true believer wants to learn God’s way and have his/her heart made one and pure in order to walk in holiness and the fear of the Lord.

Psalm 86

A Prayer of David

David – “a man after God’s own heart” – 1 Samuel 13:14

a. seeks God – Psalm 27:4, 8

b. spends time