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The Cross Conference – December 27-30, 2013

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

John Piper mentions that in a missions conference he went to in the 1960s, someone asked a veteran missionary: “If you believe in Predestination, why would you want to be a missionary?”

See here for more of the answer.

See here also, at another blog I sometimes write for.

Propempo is providing a booklet for students and Conference attendees to help them understand Biblical steps to take to share with their church leadership to pray and seek the Lord as to how the Lord would want to use them, for His glory, either as goers or senders, in missions. (See Acts 13:1-4; with Acts 11:26 – a missionary is some one who is first a disciple of Jesus Christ serving in a Biblical local church under Biblical leadership.)

This conference includes a major aspect of Propempo’s ministry and what David (see David’s blog here) is involved in, in counseling local churches’ leadership (Pastors, elders, missions committees) on establishing long term plans for missions vision and action through their local churches.

Many college aged and young adult Christians are seeking guidance as to what God’s purpose for their life will be.

A great way to explore possibilities in missions is to go to the Cross Conference. (December 27-30) It will be in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is especially designed for young people/ college and University Students, who are wrestling with the questions of what kind of career and purpose and vocation should they pursue and what are my gifts and how does my personality and giftedness fit into God purpose to glorify Himself in this world?

Even if you are not going to be a missionary who goes oversees or to another culture; the Biblical and spiritual atmosphere will be equipping you to glorify God better and walk with Him no matter what vocation or career God leads you to. The whole conference would also be very helpful for missions pastors and missions committee members and elders and pastors of local churches, in building their missions vision and motivation for their church.

There will be many key missions speakers and pastors and workshops/break-out sessions. All of the “break-out” sessions explore issues that people, churches, and missionaries face, and some issues that non-missionaries are facing in our modern world, for example, issues of Islam, Islamic terrorism; and contextualization and how to understand those issues from a Biblical point of view.

See some of the key speakers:

D. A. Carson

Conrad Mbewe

John Piper

Thabiti Anyabwile

Mark Dever

Al Mohler

Missionaries and nationals from the field

Kevin DeYoung

Mack Stiles

Pray for workers/laborers for the field: (Matthew 9:36-38)

Praying for God to raise up more laborers for His harvest –

Please pray for God to use us for His glory in counseling with others who are open to exploring these issues!