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The best critique of DMM to date

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

DMM or disciple-making movements and its trendy family of rapid church planting concepts is sweeping fields across the world. Commonly claiming phenomenal results and stratospheric statistics, the most crucial foundation is a claim to biblicity and the teaching of Jesus. Thus, to critique DMM (and its tribe) is viewed as a departure from unassailable biblical truth. Claims are flimsy, if not supported by scrutiny, repeatability in real life, and actual consistency over a longer period of time. The missions (and church!) world sees trends, claims, fads come and go in a regular cycle, like planetary orbits.

This critique is the best one I’ve read to date. It tells details and gives a clear biblical rebuttal to the foundation and claims of DMM. The most significant in my view are:

  1. a defective definition of the Gospel

  2. a very deficient definition of “local church” (or equivalent, in their parlance).

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A Brief Guide to DMM

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