“So Why Did Allah Substitute an innocent ram (or sheep or lamb or goat) in place of Abraham&#8

Updated: May 5, 2020

In the photo below,(a post card from Turkey) you can see Ibrahim (Abraham) (pictures of a prophet drawn by Muslims!), Ismail, the angel Jabril (Gabriel), and the substitutionary ram; and verses from the Qur’an in Arabic, including Surah 37:107 (see below) and a phrase in the Turkish language, “Ibrahim offers his son Ismail as a human sacrifice”.

* “Kurban Bayram” is Turkish; “Eid Al Azha” ??? ?????? is Arabic; and “Eid-e-Qurban” ??? ????? is Farsi. They all mean the “Feast of Sacrifice”.

In the debate, “Was Jesus Crucifed and Died for the Sins of His People?” James White vs. Shabir Ally – (Which I highly recommend); Shabir Ally says, as all Muslims also do, that “God does not need a sacrifice to forgive sins”. He also said that there is a great difference between “ransom” and “sacrifice”; an