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Projects that are Propempo Priorities

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

People keep asking us about Propempo Priority Projects —

Though understaffed, we keep working diligently behind the scenes to finish priority projects. These projects will make a huge impact on those we serve. These projects advance our teaching and training through print and Internet media. Doing so will reach far beyond our ability to help churches and candidates on only a face-to-face basis. We have a list of literally 40+ projects which await our attention. By God’s grace, fulfillment of these project will move Propempo from a limited stream of influence to an unlimited stream of users through print and Internet resources.

The biggest factor holding us back for accomplishing these projects: funding. Time is involved, also; but, if we had the money, we could apply more time to completing these priority projects.


  1. CROSS Conference, $10k for printing and distribution approx. 7,000 copies of the revised edition of “HERE to THERE” book for missionary candidates at the December 2016 CROSS Conference in Indianapolis

  2. Missions Leadership for Pastors book, $5k for producing press-ready files, printing of an initial run of approx. 1,000

  3. Website redesign/redeploy, $8k for creating an easier, more accessible website and secure resource sales online

  4. Church Missions Profile online, $10k for handling the complex web hosting, data handling, and monetization required to make this valuable tool accessible to church leaders “on demand”

  5. Propempo Institute of Missions, 6 new courses for PIM, $18k
 (includes online student registration and course management) for training Missions Team/Committee members online

  6. North Africa Project ministry travel, $9k for continuing the North Africa Project training new candidates as well as mentoring, strategy consultation, shepherding on the field

  7. Teaching resources for Iranian church leaders (in Farsi), $12k

  8. International Unreached People Group mobilization (annually), $54.5k for staff teaching and facilitation trips, primarily in the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf basins

  9. New staff recruitment, training, and initial support funding, $ 100,000 – this is a dream: to have a revolving fund “war chest” to enable qualified Propempo staff candidates to start immediately, while raising funds for full support. As each staff’s support replenishes the fund, it will continue to help other new staff as they come on board.

How can you give to these projects?


You can always send donations by check (or creating your online bank “BillPay”) directly to:

Propempo International 90-F Glenda Trace #405 Newnan, GA 30265 770.502.8900


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