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Missions Trends in Local Churches

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Today I was asked to make some observations about trends in local churches related to missions mobilization. This little response is NOT comprehensive. (So, maybe it should be Part 1 of a series.) Here’s what I wrote:

The good trends:

First: The churches I work with are more and more expecting to have a primary role in the strategic placement of their missionaries. Second: Churches are increasingly interested in establishing a strategic focus (or focii) for their church concentration.

The not-so-good trends:

First: Many churches are playing out the logical consequences of the “seeker sensitive”/Willow Creek mentality. Some are reaching those end results (as Bill Hybels himself observed re. their “failed experiment”, but few have taken notice; viz — little discipleship of believers, few or no qualified rising leadership in the church, unsustainably expensive community outreach programs and infrastructure, continuing intentional lack of interest in developing world missions ministries.

Second: There is a growing theological and biblical ignorance (at best) and general slide into doctrinal apathy moving toward heresy. The PC-culture-influenced lack of exclusivity of the claims of Christ, the Bible, and evangelism have “poisoned the well”. Wishy-washy-ness in the pulpit produces wishy-washy-ness in the pew. With few exceptions, the present climate of tolerance among seeker-type churches and “emergent church” folk totally douses the flame of passion for world missions. Nobody is interested because it really doesn’t matter to them because they really don’t believe it.

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