Missionaries need to be fluent in the language and culture

Updated: Aug 28, 2020


excellent article on three reasons the church needs missionaries who are fluent in the language and culture of those they seek to reach with the gospel.

By Brooks Buser

Radius International

Article is at “Radical” – website of David Platt


I have reproduced the entire article here:  (and see link above)

As a ministry that equips cross-cultural workers to plant churches among unreached people groups, Radius International teaches on a variety of topics: business for missions, literacy, teamwork, marks of a New Testament cross-cultural church, and a host of others. But the two topics that intentionally get the most time are a “theology of suffering” and “the necessity of language and culture fluency.” It’s this latter topic I want to address, particularly since so few Christians seem to realize how important it is for the spread of the gospel.

The course I help lead on culture and language acquisition is designed to teach the students how to event