Merry Christmas! “The Word became flesh” – John 1:14

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Dr. Rob Plummer gives us some insight into the Greek text of John 1:14 with an extended quote by Murray J. Harris on the term “become”.

In order to be a missionary to Muslims, (or other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.)  or deal with objections to the Incarnation and the doctrine of the Trinity by Jehovah’s Witnesses and other groups and skeptics and atheists, a person needs to equip themselves in the Greek text to a certain extent, and sound theology, in order to answer people and their questions that they raise.  This text is very important on the Incarnation and the significance of why we celebrate the birth of Christ at this season.  Merry Christmas!  True Joy is found in Christ alone, the source of all good happiness and fellowship.  Christmas time is much deeper than just getting gifts and spending time with family and friends, though those things are good in themselves, we pray for God to open hearts of people in all nations to the true meaning of the Christmas season.

John 1-14 Christmas Eve

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