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Is your emphasis on “having fun” or doing something for God’s glory?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Obviously, it is ok to have fun and leisure and rest and play, and have a hobby, and have times of refreshment. Sometimes, after a hard day’s work and ministry and stress, it’s understandable to do something that does not require much effort or thinking.

But what is the bent and emphasis of your life?

“I feel such a burden for us as a church to swim against the tide of almost every current in our culture. More and more and more, America is a nation given over to play. The industries of play are huge! Houses are built today with entertainment centers. Computers and videos and television and stereo all coordinate to give us ever more stimulating and captivating distractions from the realities of the world. When we need to be dreaming, for the glory of Christ, about how to spend our lives alleviating ignorance and sickness and misery and lostness, we are becoming more and more addicted to amusement. Make a little test of evangelical vocabulary, and calculate, for example, the increasing frequency with which we use the world “fun” to describe almost everything we like. But when do we describe our good experiences as “meaningful” or “significant” or “enriching” or “ennobling” or “worthwhile” or “edifying” or “helpful” or “strengthening” or “encouraging” or “deepening” or “transforming” or “valuable” or “eye-opening” or “God-exalting”?” John Piper, “The Final Divide: Eternal Life or Eternal Wrath”, Part 1

Think about that in relation to ministry and missions.

In Dr. Piper’s sermon from Romans 2:6-10, in Part 1 he is emphasizing that there are only 2 destinies for people, heaven or hell.

The main motivation for missions is God’s glory, but . . .

Part of the motivation for missions is because people are going to hell without Christ. They must repent and believe in Christ – Mark 1:15.

But how can they believe in Him whom they have not heard about? (See Romans 10:13-15)

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