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Interested in having Propempo training in your church/area?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Would you like to attend a Propempo training seminar in your church?  or, host one for churches in your area?

Please let us know!  We’re praying and planning toward area-wide one-day (Saturday) trainings in 2015.

We’ll cover biblical and practical application of principles like:  Your church’s …

  1. V – alues and guiding principles for missions

  2. I – dentity or missions DNA

  3. S – trategy and missions focus

  4. I – mplementation in the selection, guidance, and training of missionary candidates

  5. O – wnership of local church missions mobilization of the congregation

  6. N – urturing through the deployment and shepherding of your missionaries

If you’d like an overview of the training, you can view a synopsis video at: and use password “PIT140922” to view it.

We are always open to come alongside your church to help you in developing missions and finding solutions uniquely suited to your church.

Thanks for your connection and partnership with us,


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