Highlights of the “Here to There” book

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I had the privilege of presenting elements of the “Propempo International Training” this past week to a group of church leaders. Among the points of interest was just giving some of the highlights of the Here to There book. Fascinating that, though the book is addressed to the wannabe missionary candidate, it has remarkable insights for church leaders as well. There are key thoughts about missiology, ecclesiology, and practical principles galore.

Here’s a list of key topics that make it worth the read:

  1. description of a missions-minded church, pp. 19ff

  2. description of a good sending church, pp. 22-23

  3. the priority of the local church, pp. 29ff

  4. why use a missions agency, p. 43

  5. how to choose a missions agency, pp. 44ff

  6. definition of a local church, pp. 53ff

  7. essential missiology, pp. 56-57

  8. support raising / partnership development, pp. 67ff

  9. a sample church – agency partnership agreement, pp. 86-87

  10. pre-qualification for missionary candidacy: 21 Questions, pp. 88-89

  11. THE priority of church planting as the goal of all missions work, pp. 90ff

As a friend of mine says, “If that doesn’t light your fire, then your wood is wet!”

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