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Growing gracefully

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

In God’s providence the ripple effect of recent months’ ministry is producing a small tsunami of need for Propempo ministries. It’s obvious to us that the churches most eager for Propempo to help them are those who are facing a crisis of transformation: from possibility to passion, from passive participant to player, from unengaged supporter to engaged sender. Now, after CROSS, university students are going to their home church leaders and asking to be trained and sent out to unreached people groups around the world. So, the big question in our prayers and dreams is this: how can we grow wisely and sustainably from helping and impacting dozens of churches and missionary candidates every year to helping HUNDREDS of churches and candidates every year.

The obvious human-factor answers are: we need a big pile of money more than what we presently have; and, we need qualified ministry staff. Neither of those grow on trees!

We’re doing a lot of thinking, praying, and working in the background to prepare Propempo for God’s blessing of resources so that we will grow to become able to deploy well qualified and well supported staff to meet the needs. Certainly, we praise the Lord and enthusiastically exalt His name for granting us this wonderful, stressful grace. It’s a blessing to see how He is using us and increasing the appetite of churches and their missionaries to see this glorious, biblical, Christ-honoring, local-church-centered ministry unfold and bear fruit more and more.

So, we need your prayers. Yes, and we need God’s supply of funds and personnel in bigger ways than we’ve ever trusted Him for previously. May we do our part to work hard to that end; and may God alone get the glory!

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