Exposing the Prosperity “Gospel” (which is no gospel at all)

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I was encouraged to see some Iranian Christians exposing the heresy of the “Health and Wealth”/ “Name it Claim it”/ “Word of Faith” movement, and even mentioning some names of some of the false teachers.

Most of you will not be able to read the Farsi, but I have worked through all of it; and it is a good article. One of the most interesting things, which I did not know, was it’s reference to an article in the Atlantic monthly, asking whether the “Health and Wealth Gospel” was part of the cause of the recent economic crisis.

The government under liberals like homosexual Congressman Barney Frank; and liberal Senator Chris Dodd, led the charge to force banks and financial institutions to loan too much money to people who could not afford it. In a similar way the name and claim teachers like Creflo Dollar tell people “to fake it till you make it!” or “act like you are rich and you will be”. “make a positive confession”. Or “your miracle or new level of living is just around the corner” (they have to keep saying that to keep those who it didn’t work for coming and giving. Even though in reality you are not rich, say it enough an