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CROSS: A Dream Come True

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

CROSS was a dream come true for more than John Piper.

  1. CROSS was a student conference like no other for many, if not most, student participants. This was a conference with substance, practical insights, laser-sharp focus. — a dream come true for students.

  2. CROSS had the theological depth, accuracy, and church focus needed by missions sending agencies. What a paradigm change to get quality candidates! How biblical! How providentially prepared to assault the fortresses of those remaining, difficult UPGs! — a dream come true for sending agencies.

  3. CROSS rushed to fill the vacuum of need to place the sending burden on Bible-grounding, ownership-sharing, calling-confirming, ministry-preparing local churches. Wow! That’s a dream come true for Propempo, the local-church-leader-equipping-&-mobilizing ministry!

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