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Creative Ways to Support Your Missionary Friend

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

  1. Tithe your bonus money.

  2. When you’re moving or in between church membership, give the funds you would have given to your local church to your missionary friend’s support or project.

  3. Tithe your inheritance.

  4. Once a month, give the same amount you would spend going out to eat with your spouse or family to your missionary friend’s support.

  5. Throw your loose coins in a jar and give that once or twice a year.

  6. Subscribe to your missionary’s support via PayPal or automatic online banking “BillPay” check or EFT.

  7. Give a pre-designated percentage of your garage or yard sale income and tell your customers what you’re doing; some of them will buy more stuff or even add directly to the missionary support, if they know it’s for a good cause.

  8. Sell the unused stuff accumulating in your attic, garage, basement, shed, shelves, cabinets, and closets.

  9. Provide a plane ticket using your own frequent flyer miles.

  10. You may be able to support your missionary friend by designating your gift through your company’s annual United Way campaign – which means your donation will be matched!

  11. Every time you buy that special coffee you love so much, set aside the same amount to support your missionary friend.

  12. Look for money that has been inadvertently dropped on the ground or floor or empty your loose pocket change and encourage your friends and coworkers to do to also. Collect the money in a jar designated for your missionary friend’s support and put it in an accessible place so people can see it grow. Maybe they’ll even throw in a little extra to help out.

  13. Include your missionary friend in your spending for special occasions throughout the year: birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, vacations, etc.

  14. Use your accumulated credit cards points to make a cash donation to the charity of your choice, e.g. CapitolOne Visa card’s partnership with Network for Good; you can make a donation with no service fee through your credit card!

  15. Give your missionary friend a gas station gift card to help pay for fuel expenses.

  16. Bookmark and use this link to give Propempo referral credit for purchases.

  17. Volunteer to help them with editing, proofreading, or printing and mailing of newsletters or materials they need produced and distributed.

  18. Provide babysitting service for them to have a date or go on a short trip away from the kids.

  19. Find out how to access your missionary’s “Wish List” on Amazon or wherever, and buy stuff for them.

  20. Your company’s United Way charity drive might match funds designated to Propempo. Look up Propempo’s code in the United Way Donor Choice List.

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