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Business Platform Development thoughts

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

It seems that teaching English as a visa-entry-platform is waning. Developing countries seem to want business majors or sciences & engineering majors who also speak English, rather than English majors who aren’t able to development business, research, and employment. Surely there is a good place for specialists in each creative access country to learn and utilize special relationships, “insider” administrative process information, and market studies to help wannabe business people to get started.

A developed portfolio of market conditions and opportunities, legal requirements and approval tracks, financial instruments and institutions, employment policies and practices, etc. would be of immense help in fast-tracking quality business start-ups. A similar resource person in originating (or “sending”) countries would be a mirror partner. Where are these people? Why doesn’t such a Christian Chamber of Commerce resource person exist? Isn’t this a worthy and strategic appointment for the advancing the cause of Christ?

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