• David

Basics of Effective Field Visits

Who gets to go on the Field Visit?

  1. Leader – someone who represents or is deputized to represent the interests of the church and speak with some authority on behalf of the church

  2. Listener – someone who recognizes the field visit as an opportunity to really get to know the missionary, their ministry, and their whole situation better. That takes someone who is more focused on asking questions and listening than in talking/teaching and being the focus of attention.

  3. Learner – willing to see, taste, hear, smell, feel their situation, culture, and what life is like for them.

  4. Confronter – Someone skilled and willing to say the hard things, if necessary, to help keep the missionary's mind and attitudes on track.

  5. Counselor – someone willing to apply biblical truth and sound doctrine to the issues confronting them

  6. Communicator – Someone willing and able to communicate what they’ve learned through the privilege of the field visit to those back home.