A Parable of Two Beginner Missionaries

Updated: May 11, 2020

David has put this video up before, but it is so good, it is worth posting again.  The only thing I would have added in one of the inside rooms of the missionary that survives was something about a consistent walk with God in the Word of God and prayer and fellowship with other Christians.

Only approximately 15% of those who make an initial commitment to become a missionary actually make it to the field. Of those who get to the field, less than half remain more than 5 years due to attrition. The book “HERE to THERE: How to Get to Your Missions Field” (by David Meade/Propempo) was written, in part, to help young missionary candidates and new missionaries arrive, survive, and thrive on the field.

This video is about intangible character traits typical of those who are crushed and those who endure on the mission field.

Get the “HERE to THERE” book! Read it and take it seriously!

(“A Parable of Two Beginner Missionaries” video was originally created for the CROSS 2016 student missions conference.)

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