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21st Century Missions Values for Your Local Church

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

  1. Church leadership that embraces the Task of Missions from that first spark of “calling” in the candidate to participation and fulfillment of pioneering ministry on the field.

  2. Doctrinal alignment: missionaries are trained and chosen as representatives and extensions of what, how, and why the church would do, believe, and teach as if the church was on the field firsthand.

  3. Local Church focused: the conscious end goal of every supported ministry should be the establishment and strengthening of indigenous local churches.

  4. Local church missions leadership is focused on mobilizing everyone in the local Body to be Missions-aware World Christians, active in their individual and collective part in the Great Commission, – and creating teaching, inspiration, and opportunities for involvement.

  5. Relationship as foundational to ministry partnership and support. The Local Church only supports those with whom they can nurture and are able to grow a deep accountability and ownership.

  6. Ability for personal involvement. Missionaries supported give sufficient communication and on-field STM or visitation opportunities for the congregation to feel directly involved in the work.

  7. Fewer get more. Rather than horizontally adding as many pins in the support globe as possible, the local Body seeks to have fewer relationship of deepening quality, for a larger financial ownership of the work and the workers.

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