Frequently Asked Questions

What does Propempo Mean?

The word “Propempo” in the original New Testament Greek (προπέμπω) literally means “to send forward”. By the end of the first century it had taken on a more specific sense referring to Christian workers sent out from local churches for the advancement of the Gospel: “to send forward fully equipped”. As such, Propempo encompasses the nurture, resourcing, and sending out of servants to advance the Gospel.

Where is Propempo used in the Bible?

You can find the word “propempo” in the following passages: Acts 15:3; Acts 20:38; Acts 21:5; Romans 15:24; 1 Corinthians 16:6, 11; 2 Corinthians 1:16; Titus 3:13; and, 3 Jn 6. And here is a video explaining it and why it is important to us today

How is Propempo supported?

Propempo is a faith supported, non-profit charity organization dependent upon God to supply the funds and means necessary for service through the regular donations, contributions, sponsorship, subscribed support, grants, and offerings of constituent partners and those whom we serve. Faithful partners and the generous donations of those we serve enable us to minister to others without requiring fees for services rendered. Propempo needs those who value the God-honoring vision of helping churches in missions and multiplying qualified workers and resources to strategic fields enough to become regular financial partners in the work.

How can we get Propempo to help our church?

Just contact us through the website. Call or email or use the online contact form. Let us know the nature of your concern. We’ll ask some questions to help us understand. Then, we’ll work with you to answer your questions, resolves your problems, or resource your needs in local church mobilization and missions. If we don’t have the answer ready, we’ll do some research and get back to you. In some cases, you might schedule a visit during which we can train your leaders, provide consultation and guidance, or preach and teach to advance your missions purposes in your church. We help your church leaders grow in their knowledge and skill to lead the congregation to greater missions effectiveness.

What does it cost to get Propempo to help our church?

Though most of our personal support comes through the regular donations of churches and individuals, a significant portion comes through the generous expense reimbursement and honoraria of churches and organizations we help. We will never send you a bill for services. We do pray that your kind generosity will enable us to help other churches that are not able to donate as much. Depending on the amount of teaching, consulting, and original work involved, most churches are able to share costs plus honoraria in line with whatever would be normal for pulpit supply or a special speaker for each hour of presentation. We may, upon your request, send you a record of expenses and samples of what other churches have donated to Propempo. Policy on Fees. Sample Donation Structure.

What kind of things can Propempo do for our church?

Explore this website. There are so many ways that Propempo can expand your church’s vision and equip your leaders and congregation for strategic missions involvement. Recalibrating and refocusing your missions ministry can save your church years of time and lots of money. Building a training track for missionaries to be sent out of your church is our delight. Ask. We’ll try to help.