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The "Church Missions Profile" (CMP) diagnostic tool—helps local church leaders gain a clearer picture of their church's missions ministry compared to benchmarks describing the highest levels of effectiveness in twelve ministry categories on a six-point scale:

"Our Church Missions Ministry is a ...

  1. possibility

  2. project

  3. program

  4. priority

  5. purpose

  6. or passion."

The "Church Missions Profile" (CMP) self-assessment allows you to rank your church's actual practice compared to the best practices of the most effective missions churches in each of the twelve categories.


The best part is, when you finalize your assessment survey, Propempo gives you a PDF of consulting recommendations individualized to your specific strengths and weaknesses. We help you with resource and activity suggestions to equip your church to rise in ranking for each area.


Take the "Individual" plan if you feel confident in your objective assessment and responsibilities for missions. Choose the "Church" (same church, as many as 10-person-group) plan if you want to see a broader and more objective snapshot of your church's performance.  Below is a 4-minute video overview of the whole process, beginning to end.

Church Missions Profile Testimonials

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