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Propempo International - Introduction to Propempo's website and resources

Hello. Welcome to

We are thankful that God has led you here.

“Propempo” means “to send forward fully equipped”.

Propempo International helps you and your local church become more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission, for the glory of God.

Our fundamental message is the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are unclear about the Gospel, we invite you to click on the What is the Gospel link near the bottom of the page.

If biblical missions is brand new to you, you will want to start on the Inquirer path.

If you want to learn how to be more effective as an individual, start on the Personal Involvement path.

If you are a local church missions team leader, you'll want to select the Church Mobilization path.

If you are a local church pastor or staff seeking to lead your church in the area of missions, just pick up the Church Leadership path.

If you are a prospective missionary — or, you are already on the field and want to become more effective in your ministry, then take the Missionary path.

There are lots of resources available to you on Some of it will be overlapping. Some may be incomplete. Some issues will be controversial.

We invite you to interact with it: contribute, ask questions, comment, challenge. We only ask that you do so with a Christ-like attitude and teachable spirit.

We invite you to explore the Library, Laboratory, and Community sections of

Go ahead! Hike around the site!

Let us know how we may help you in missions for the glory of God.

Go ahead! Hike around the site!

Let us know how we may help you in missions for the glory of God.

Walk on!


NEW Propempo Path PDF Books Available


Take with you!

Our new resources are now available.  The five live-linked PDF books from Paths can be yours to take with you on your computer or device.  Each Path (Inquirer, Personal Involvement, Church Mobilization, Church Leadership, and Missionary) can be purchased in the latest (Oct. 2014) version.  Each PDF book contains live hyperlinks from the table of contents to the links and downloadable resources available when you view it online.  All of the chapters and articles are conveniently compiled into an easy-to-access book format.  Cut & paste sections for training others; use portions in your email; assign reading to your students or candidates.  You can even purchase the combination ZIP file of all five books for a 20% discount.  See the new Propempo Online Download Store section at the bottom of the left sidebar ...